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Analog Recording Studio Manchester

At Guerrilla Studios we utilise vintage analog equipment to offer not only a traditional recording experience but to give even digital productions a real analog flavour for all genres of music. While some studios boast of analog recording while simply using a vintage mixing console interfaced with protools. We actually record to an analog multi-track reel to reel machine. Recording to tape not only improves the sound with natural tape compression, wow and flutter. It also completes the analog recording experience. Tracking to tape is not only more fun but it's much more likely to bring the best performance out of the musicians, as copy and paste culture isn't really an option. Speaking of options, there are less during the process making it simple and more efficient than a digital only session. You will fly through songs in no time. Critical decisions are made early and nothing is left to be "fixed in the mix later." Of course at some point the time comes to mix down to a digital audio workstation, but by now we have a great sounding record with all the attributes of an analog recording and we can still utilise the digital realm to its full potential in polishing the record. What's more if you're planning a vinyl release you have a fully analog multi track tape which you can send to your chosen mixing and mastering engineer to be prepared for vinyl.

At Guerrilla Studios you get that big wide analog sound you want and a recording experience that's second to none.

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